About The Company

Treetog ArtWork was founded on the first day of 2006.

Although a very young company, itīs CEO, Renato de Carvalho Veras Jr., aka Treetog, is a veteran graphic designer, being one of the most prolific skinners and widely known amongst the global spinning community.

Starting out making skins back in 1999, he soon diversified into the skin making for dozens of different applications and today has a portfolio of over 600 skins and some years later, he started to dedicate his efforts into icons and today already have over 5000 high quality icons done.

During his career, he has earned many different skinning and icons awards, but the most significant ones were, 3rd place overall individual in the first GUI Olympics Contest 2002, 1st place individual and as a team in the second GUI Olympics Contest in 2004 and 3rd place personal in icons category in the fourth GUI Champs in 2008.

In October of 2001, he started his professional career, being the co-founder of Pixtudio Design, where he designed websites, skins, UI design, and icons, for companies like Nintendo Europe, nVidia, PC Magazine, Zippo Manufacturing, etc.

During the last four years he did a tremendous amount of work for Stardock Systems, producing many complete visual styles, icons jobs and skins for many wells know companies like General Motors, Dell, Ford Motor Company, Zippo Manufacturing, Hewllet Packard, Harley-Davidson and more.